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The Acupuncture Chronicles | Sciatica

The benefits of Acupuncture for Sciatica.


Sciatica | A real pain in the butt.
Fewer things can get our attention the way pain can. Being immobilized or having restrictions placed on our mobility can result in a lack of freedom. No one wants that.



Sciatica can strike anyone at any time. It’s a good idea to know how to handle this nasty interloper as quickly as possible.



Acupuncture for Piriformis Syndrome.

Generally speaking, sciatic pain, or sciatica, comes from nerve compression.

‘Piriformis Syndrome’ is oftentimes the cause. In Piriformis Syndrome, the piriformis muscle (orange in the diagram below) presses on the sciatic nerve (shown in yellow) resulting in pain in the gluteus (aka butt) muscles. This pain is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation and can radiate down the back of the leg.



Acupuncture relieves sciatic pain, sciatica and piriformis syndrome.

Acupuncture relieves sciatic pain, sciatica and piriformis syndrome.



Acupuncture for Sciatica.

Acupuncture therapy is excellent at removing the cause of sciatic pain. It has been successfully doing so for over 1000 years. In my professional experience, sciatic pain (sciatica) can be resolved in 3 visits – most of the time. My patients tell me they feel a 90% improvement after the first visit, with full recovery after the third visit. In my opinion, 3 visits are best to fully correct the situation.



Why does acupuncture work so well with sciatic pain, especially due to piriformis syndrome? Because it’s the only therapy that can truly get to the piriformis muscle and release its pressure on the sciatic nerve. Massage cannot do it. Chiropractic cannot do it. Acupuncture therapy CAN.



Before you decide on surgery do yourself a HUGE kindness and try acupuncture for sciatic pain (also known as sciatica). If pain-killers are what you’ve been offered to deal with your pain – know that there is a better – and healthier option. Try acupuncture, you might just be amazed at how quickly you can feel well.



Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness,

Dr V


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