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To say that I was skeptical about acupuncture would be an understatement but after 5 failed IVF attempts I was willing to try anything. After the fifth attempt my egg production was so poor that my IVF doctor recommended I try acupuncture. I started seeing Dr. V and not only had my best egg production but to our complete surprise conceived a child.


To say that I am converted would also be an understatement. I am back doing acupuncture and I cannot recommend it highly enough. When I thought after 6 years there were no options left, a door opened for us we thought had been permanently closed. We are very grateful to Valerie and for how she has helped us. I feel that the results speak for themselves and we have a beautiful child to prove it.


Sarah D
Fort Lauderdale, FL




My name is Eric Brothers C.M. and I am a 29 year old commercial airline pilot.

I primarily fly Lear Jets which have a very cramped cockpit. After years of sports injuries and thousands of hours crammed into the cockpit, at age 26 I suffered crippling back pain. I lost all feeling in my left leg and couldn’t control or feel my left foot. I was unable to work, bicycle, ride my motorcycle, or even jog.


I tried several chiropractors and found one that worked for me. With weekly visits he was able to keep me upright but not much more. The pain was managed through the use of a heated back massager, an inversion table, foam fulkrums, and stretching. Even with this combination of treatments the pain was always present and the numbness and limited use of my left leg continued for three years.


Last month I decided to try acupuncture as another option. Open to any possible relief, I found Dr. Valerie Lopez. Upon my first visit we spent at least thirty-five minutes just talking about my past injuries and the types of pain I was experiencing.


After just one session I found much of the relief I was searching for. After just three sessions I regained the feeling in my left foot and was able to wiggle my toes again. After five visits I’m still making gains and am back mountain biking and riding my motorcycle again.


Both Dr. Lopez and I agreed that 29 was too young to give up on all of the fun things in life and to live with chronic pain. I will continue to receive treatments and make gains with her help. I have already referred three of my friends and suggest that if you keep running into dead ends and feel that you’ve tried all avenues – don’t give up. This may be the answer you are looking for.


Good luck and live well.

Eric Brothers

Fort Lauderdale, FL




After over a week of suffering serious sciatic pain I went to Dr. Lopez for help. The treatment was simple and actually relaxing. I felt immediate relief right afterward, and complete relief from the pain within 24 hours. I highly recommend her services.
Susan Dolan
Fort Lauderdale, FL/Canada




Hi Valerie, Please add my testimonial to your website.

Medicine couldn’t explain why I had 8 unsuccessful artificial inseminations, with and without fertility drugs.  

After reading up on how helpful acupuncture was for fertility, I started working with Dr. V. With insurance covering only a few more inseminations, this was my last chance.  
After only working with her for 2 months. I am pregnant!  I attribute my success to her professionalism and her know-how.  We analyzed all the variables that may be affecting my fertility and she gave me some helpful guidelines.


She was so positive and encouraging – I felt that I had my own personal fertility coach!  
I highly recommend treatment with Dr. V.  I credit her work and emotional support as the final piece of the puzzle that allowed me to achieve my goal of pregnancy.  
Thank you Valerie-
Fort Lauderdale




Hi Dr. V,
Just wanted to let you know that after a few sessions of acupuncture prior to my IVF cycle and the morning of the cycle, I am now officially “pregnant”!!!!
My husband and I tried a cycle of IVF and it failed.  I decided to try acupuncture prior to the transfer this time and thanks to you I am a soon to be mom 🙂
I was so upset with my RE because they wanted to charge me $… for the one acupuncture session prior to the transfer and you only charged me $…!!!!  Also it was a frozen transfer so we were so worried it wouldn’t work.
You really helped me find a state of pure relaxation which I was able to take with me and use again just like you said.  During the transfer I just continued my breathing as I did when I was doing acupuncture and was very relaxed!
So wanted to thank you again for your expertise and I will definitely refer you to my friends!!!  Thanks for helping make a dream come true!
Alev Tugcu
Ft Lauderdale, FL




Valerie, please add this email to your testimonials.

After trying to conceive for over 6 years and going through 4 failed artificial inseminations, two surgeries, and a failed IVF cycle we decided to try acupuncture.  We contacted Dr. V and explained our situation to her.  In the mist of our despair and dissolutions, she immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease.  Dr. V is a caring professional with a great sense of humor (something required when dealing with my husband).


Although our previous IVF cycle only produced a low number and low quality eggs, we decided to go through one more IVF cycle and consulted Dr. V as to the best “game plan” during the cycle. During our first consultation, Dr. V was very thorough and professional while making us feel comfortable and confident with our decision to seek alternative medicine alongside ART.  We discussed the options available and decided on a plan from date one to transfer date. (On the date of embryo transfer she was available on last minute notice and met us very very early in the morning – truly God sent).


Although we were there seeking only acupuncture, Dr. V gave us advice on how we could change little things during our daily life in order to “balance” our mind and body in preparation for the IVF cycle, pregnancy, and parenthood.  To this date I still follow many of her advice and am a more complete and serene person for it.


Our acupuncture sessions where relaxing, informative, and rejuvenating.  I would recommend Dr V. her and her services to anyone that is looking to acupuncture to help them.  We had a successful IVF cycle. I did not have many side effects with the injections this time around, we were able to harvest many first quality eggs and best of all the pregnancy was successful and we have a wonderful healthy son – ARPAD MIGUEL.


Rosa Soberal-Vigh and Arpad Vigh
Ft Lauderdale, FL




Dear Valerie,
I would like to add this letter to your testimonials.
I was in a lot of pain from a degenerative disk. I had been to doctors, surgeons, pain management and nothing was working.  As an active business owner and scratch golfer this problem was interfering with my work and my fun. Drugs were not the answer.


I was told the only way to fix the problem was surgery.  I went to Dr. V for acupuncture treatments and the relief was instant. I felt much better after each treatment.  My problem was Dr. V would make the pain go away and I would go play golf … the pain would come back … Dr. V made it go away again.
She was also very much against back surgery and I thank her for that advice. Through research I found an alternative to actual surgery, a laser surgeon who could go in with a minimal evasive procedure and give the pinched nerve under the degenerative disk room to move. It worked to stop the pain from the pinched nerve. I still have a bad back but now when Dr. V takes the pain away with her needles it stays gone for a long period of time even though I still play a lot of golf.
I have never met a more knowledgeable person (MD’s included) who understands the body and what it needs to work properly.  I am not sure how acupuncture works but Dr. V does and that is what counts.  Not to mention that she is personable and cares. I consider her an intricate part of my health and consider her a friend.


Bill O’Keefe
Lake Worth, Florida




After trying to conceive for 4+ years and going through 6 artificial inseminations with no success, my husband and I decided to try acupuncture.  I called Dr. V and met with her right away to discuss what I had been going through.  After our long conversation, we decided on what would be the best way to go about getting my body “back in check.”  Dr. V made me feel very confident that we could make this work but also told me it  could take some time.  I began in September of 2007 and in November of 2007 I found out I WAS PREGNANT!!!  I truly believe that the treatments and herbs that Dr. V gave to me were the recipe for success.  I would recommend her and her services to anyone that is looking to acupuncture to help them. She is one of a kind!


Christine O
Fort Lauderdale, FL




I first sought out acupuncture to help my body rid itself of toxins and boost my immune system.  I thought I’d go into the office, have a  treatment and be out of there within minutes, as I was ready to take a step towards my own health. However, when I had my first treatment with Dr Lopez I was blown away by her patience and compassion. She spent more time talking with me than I would have ever expected, asking questions, listening whole-heartedly to my answers, and helping me put my health-goals into better perspective.  She has the gift of intuitive healing, and knows how to ask the right questions to better educatate us both about my state of health.
In the years that she has been my loyal doctor, Dr Lopez has helped me REMOVE the following things from my life:  drug/alcohol addictions, dead-end relationships, low self-esteem, and chronic depression.  She can intuit where the blocks are and so I call her for an appointment when I feel the first signs of: poor digestion, lowered ability to handle stress, depression or anger.  Finally, the new one I discovered she can help me with is physical pain from occasional strains or working out.  If you want to hear more just call me.


Katherine Naslas
NYC, Fort Laudedale, FL




Recently I suffered an injury doing yard work. The pain in my lower spine was so severe that I couldn’t sleep and so sharp that I could barely walk. I decided to try acupuncture to ease the pain and eliminate its cause. As luck would have it, my search in the Yellow Pages led me to Acupuncture Physician Valerie L. Lopez, who worked me into her already full schedule at once. Following that first treatment, the level of pain was reduced from 100% to 25% or even less; following the second treatment one week later, the pain was all but gone. I’ve continued to
see Dr. V on a regular basis because she produces positive results. In addition to her skill and knowledge in alternative healing, I’ve found that Dr. V is a great listener, a wise counselor, and has a wonderfully wry sense of humor. My name is George Kapetan, and I cannot speak highly enough of her dedication and ability in the art of healing.  


George Kapetan
Fort Lauderdale, FL




With little knowledge about Acupuncture, I went to Dr. V with an open and curious mind.  I left with more than I ever imagined.  Dr. V’s holistic approach to healing allowed me to look within and embrace my challenges through a fresh perspective.  It is like we became a team.  I left our session taking with me a new energy and a keener awareness of the healing experience.


Toni Miller
Fort Lauderdale, FL




I went to Dr. V the first time a little over 3 years ago for chronic lower back pain.
After a few sessions I was pain-free and I feel better than I have in years.
Since then she has helped me heal quicker from various sports-related injuries.


I can honestly say that she has become the most influential person in my health regime.


Patrick S
Fort Lauderdale, FL




My doctor told me i had a frozen shoulder and first gave me a cortizone shot. It did not phase me. Next he did manipulative surgery and with that I had to go to physical therapy two days a week. The therapist told me that it was not doing any good, no progress. I decided to do acupuncture with Dr. V and after three times I could actually put my arm over my head and even fasten my bra normally. I would tell anyone to try acupuncture first before anything else. I will be going back for any other problems that might occur before I go to the doctor and he gives me harsh medicines or some type of surgery. Thanks Valerie for your great acupuncture!!


Marla H


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