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Treating Fertility | Pain | Menopause | Stress


My career in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine began as a general practitioner. Over the years I have worked with patients that had all kinds of health issues. Pain, immune disorders, shingles, dental problems. Addiction, anxiety and depression, heartbreak. Gluten intolerance and digestive problems.  High blood pressure, cholesterol and cortisol problems. Asthma, colds and flu. All sorts of women’s health issues. Endometriosis, irregular menstruation, PCOS, peri-menopause and menopause, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems. Fertility and infertility.


Having been an athlete myself, I also treat sports injuries. Those cases are always interesting and understanding body mechanics came naturally. I’ve treated runners and cyclists, triathletes, golf, tennis and professional football players successfully with acupuncture.


Through the years patients healed and went on with their lives. With experience and successes under my belt, I came to specialize in certain areas that I found passion in – and that my patients told me I had a gift for.




FERTILITY | Conscious Conception | C2©


Helping couples that cannot become pregnant is an honor. There’s no other way I can express it. To have a couple come in and work at correcting their fundamental health imbalances – to produce a healthy child – is what I get out of bed for each day.

Those are my ideal C2© fertility patients.



Best Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale - Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture - Herbs - Homeopathy - Nutrition

The Goal of Acupuncture and Conscious Conception C2© therapy is for a healthy pregnancy AND healthy Babies!



Transformational Therapy | T2©


Transformational Therapy T2© was a natural evolution in my healing practice. It encompasses what I have learned through the years as a doctor and a human. The health diagnosis is based on classical Oriental Medicine. Treatment is with acupuncture (micro-thin needles and cold laser) Herbal Prescriptions and Homeopathy. Patients and I work with their biomedical lab test results to set baselines and monitor improvements. We monitor hormonal imbalances (which is important in thyroid disorders, fertility and menopause) and other health factors. There’s counseling involving healthy foods and nutrition, vitamins and supplements, and lifestyle modifications. Fitness is incorporated and important. There’s cognitive therapy to reveal emotional roadblocks – a cornerstone of Oriental Medicine.


The treatment puts together a realistic plan to help patients get closer to their ideal health, fitness and life experience goals.


Feeling stuck? Career in transition? Lifestyle changes? Is menopause causing an identity crisis? Looking to discover meaning and the purpose of your life? Want to be out in your world with vitality and enthusiasm? Do you just want to feel better?


How about a holistic approach to creating the life you want?



Best Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale - Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture - Herbs - Homeopathy - Nutrition

Acupuncture and Transformational Therapy T2© to reclaim vitality and grace in Life Transitions.





Back to where it all started for me as an Acupuncture Physician.




Oriental Medicine and acupuncture is phenomenal at helping stop physical pain. It is an excellent alternative to addictive pain medication and surgery.





Digestion problems are due to an imbalance in your body that prevents absorption of nutrients. This could be from food allergies, weak digestion, diabetes, immune problems, bugs, or eating too much of the ‘wrong’ foods. Having a doctor who can help you figure this out and help you fix it naturally can dramatically improve your health. A doctor who can teach you what is good for you to eat and what you can take to get better. A doctor who can send you for lab testing to see what the problem might be. A doctor who will refer you to a specialist when it is needed. Acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutritional counseling and the watchful eye of a Dr of Oriental Medicine can help you.


Next time you have symptoms that would send you to pharmaceutical drugs or suffering in silence – do something different and positive for yourself. Give Oriental Medicine and acupuncture a try.

I cannot tell you how many times in my career I have had a patient say to me ‘If I would have known it would be like this, I would have come a long time ago.’



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